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Geothermal Energy Systems

Course description

Learning Outcomes

The participants of this module will achieve deep conceptual, methodical and technical knowledge required to manage large geothermal projects. They will gain multidisciplinary insights into the different components and tasks of the development chain for a geothermal energy plant.


This "integrated course" (Integrierte Veranstaltung) takes 4 hours per week attendance (4 SWS) and consists of lectures and exercises.

The lecture encounters basic knowledge for the geothermal utilization of underground reservoirs.

Main chapters are:

  1. Exploration with Reservoir Definition and Exploration Methods
  2. Development with Drilling into the interesting Reservoirs
  3. Reservoir Engineering incl. Enhancing Methods and Reservoirs in Operation
  4. Process Engineering with Direct Use and Conversion of Earth’s Heat into Chill or Power, Economics and Environmental Impact.




Zusatzinformationen / Extras


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